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Gang Wu-Jin

What happens when the greatest martial artist
of the Murim world meets a genius magician
from a fantasy world?

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Trinity Wonder is a collaborated Korean manwha written by Park Jin-Hwan (박진환) and illustrated by Jeon Geuk-Jin (전극진).
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Power Raver vs Gang Wu-Jin
Main article: Power Raver

Power Ravers are walker-type piloted machines or automated robots that are designed for specific jobs, such as armed combat or construction, although some can perform in a multi-role platform. They often appear as huge humanoid machines reminiscent of mechas.

In the futuristic modern world of Asadal, the Walden Group is known as a major manufacturer and operator of Power Ravers.

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Series On Hiatus

  • Trinity Wonder is currently on hiatus but it would resume on 18 March 2018 with the new Season 3. Meanwhile, please continue supporting the series and its creators. (Source)

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Trinity Wonder title

Latest Chapter


  • Season 1: Chapters 1-30 (Completed)
  • Season 2: Chapters 31-77 (Completed)
  • Season 3: Chapters 78+ (Planned for release)


  • Daum (Official; Korean)


Trinity Wonder centers around three individuals from different parallel worlds: martial artist Gang Wu-Jin (Murim), mage Emily (Fantasy), and tech entrepreneur Sylvia Walden (futuristic Asadal).

Each of them have lived their lives without knowledge of the bigger universe until that (un)fateful moment when a wormhole brought Wujin and Emily into the modern present through Sylvia's experimental teleportation gate.

Chaos then ensues as the trio work together to uncover how to go back their respective worlds.

Read more on their adventures from Daum - the official web publisher of the series (Korean).

Featured Image
Wu-Jin pervert
Wujin checking if Sylvia is a mere illusion. Thereafter, he became known as the pervert.
In what world would you rather be?

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