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Series On Hiatus (Duration: 16 March 2018 - present)

  • Trinity Wonder is currently on hiatus but it would resume on 18 March 2018 with the new Season 3. Meanwhile, please continue supporting the series and its creators. (Source)


Wiki Affiliate Date Started Contact
20 March 2018 Ronaqy




Poll Question Duration Results
In what world you rather be?" 17 March 2018 - present

Featured pagesEdit


Article name Duration Description
Power Raver 17 March 2018 - present
Power Raver vs Gang Wu-Jin

Power Ravers are walker-type piloted machines or automated robots that are designed for specific jobs, such as armed combat or construction, although some can perform in a multi-role platform. They often appear as huge humanoid machines reminiscent of mechas.

In the futuristic modern world of Asadal, the Walden Group is known as a major manufacturer and operator of Power Ravers.


File name Duration Description
File:Wu-Jin pervert.PNG 17 March 2018 - present
Wu-Jin pervert
Wujin checking if Sylvia is a mere illusion. Thereafter, he became known as the pervert.