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Trinity Wonder is a Korean manhwa made in collaboration between Park Jin-Hwan (박진환), as writer, and Jeon Geuk-Jin (전극진), as illustrator. It is officially published online by Daum under its webtoon services.


Season 1

  • Intro arc

Gang Wu-Jin is shown battling Lim Hoh-Tan for the fate of the Murim world but at the climax of their fight, he gets sent to another world instead. Meanwhile in Asadal, Sylvia and her team are preparing to initiate the first operational test of her father's teleportation gate theory. When the gate activates, a mysterious man is sent hurling from the gate - Wujin arrives in Asadal. Sylvia attempts to make contact but was rebuffed violently by Wujin as he tries to explore his new surroundings (which he assumes to be an illusion field by Hotan). All the while, the gate opens by itself again and in comes another mysterious person, a girl this time, Emily. Emily sees Wujin's ki presence and judges him to be a threat. Wujin and Emily thus fights which destroys the teleportation gate but creates a wormhole. In order to stop them, Sylvia charges into the middle of them and was able to make them calm down.

Sylvia's team then invents a device on the spot that can pick up brainwaves and covert them into translatable words so as to establish communications. The trio then introduces each other before Sylvia demands compensation for her damaged transportation gate. Sylvia then explains the world of Asadal and asks for Wujin and Emily to comply with her requests until she can send them back to their respective worlds. They made their way to Sylvia's mansion so as to hide their presence from the rest of the public.

  • Mad Machine arc
  • Walden Group Conspiracy arc

Season 2

Season 3


The titular "trinity", acting as the series' main characters and are equally treated protagonists, are the following:

Other recurring characters include the following:


Trinity Wonder is a collaborated work done by Park Jin-Hwan (박진환), who writes the story and script, and Jeon Geuk-Jin (전극진), as the primary illustrator and designer. Their previous works include the famous manwha series, The Breaker, which was also done in collaboration.