Tommy is a Chief Scientist/Engineer at Walden Group where he was recruited by Sylvia Walden to become the Team Leader of Sylvia Corp, a subsidiary R&D company directly under Sylvia which pursues the realization of highly-advanced technologies that were abandoned for being too risky/dangerous.

Tommy appears as a supporting character throughout the Trinity Wonder series.


Tommy bears the appearance of a bespectacled, thin, young man in his thirties. He usually wears laboratory coats with a matching dress shirt underneath.


Tommy has a stereotypical pushover personality but this is largely due to his carefree, lazy self. He can also take the lead and be reliable sometimes but only during dangerous situations. Most of the time, Tommy is swept by the unilateral whims of his boss although he shows extreme patience and understanding for Sylvia despite her attitude. He shows perseverance and loyalty to Sylvia even when subjected to grave danger or personal insults.



Sylvia vs Tommy

Sylvia performing a "sexy" chokehold on Tommy

  • Sylvia Walden: Sylvia is Tommy's boss and employer. The two share a professional but close relationship with Tommy often advising Sylvia to slow down and acting as her safeguard from being too risky but Sylvia shuts him down for talking back. Tommy's warnings go unheeded usually, at the cost of being attacked by Sylvia. The other members of Sylvia Corp suspect that Tommy might be intentionally irritating/annoying Sylvia so that he would be "punished" for his own fetish pleasure.