Demon sect

The Demon Sect is a large and powerful organization in the Murim world that seeks to exercise total dominance and hegemony. Since its founding, they are perennially in open conflict with the Murim Alliance.

The Demon Sect serves as the archetypal evil faction.


The Demon Sect was founded by Lim Hoh-Tan for the sole reason of establishing complete rule over the entire Murim.



Illusory Demon Castle
Lim Hoh-Tan

The Demon King

The Demon Sect is lead by a totalitarian Demon King. Currently, the last known Demon King is Lim Hoh-Tan despite his disappearance from the Murim world.

The Demon Sect is headquartered at their most impregnable fortress, the Illusory Demon Castle.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Demon sect1

The Demon Sect maintains a vast, well-disciplined, and skilled pool of martial arts warriors.